Outstanding Friends;

Authors who have shared in numerous ways, helping me on my creative journey.

The Cutting EdgeDarcia Helle is one of the powerhouse trio who masterminded Bestsellerbound.com, arguably the best author-reader forum on the www. Darcia may be one of the busiest author-blogger-reviewers I've ever met; she's online somewhere, seemingly at any time of the day. How she finds time to write and read...I'll never know. You will find an engaging interview with this author on The Tale's The Thing.

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Here is my review of her novel 'The Cutting Edge'.

It is not a pun to call this book sharp. It is as perfect a description as I am able make. But, there are other things to say about Darcia Helle’s ‘The Cutting Edge’ and every one of them good.  This is a delicious read; this is an inviting read; there are moments that bring you to knowing laughter. Skye is a perfect narrator. We have all owned her thoughts. She speaks to us, as we often speak to ourselves, “…it’s normal to have these thoughts…right?”

Every moment of Ms. Helle’s tale is a delight. To have you giggling at her imagined crimes against her customers, is a wicked thing to make you do, but I promise you will submit willingly. If she happens to find a chance to make those daydreams come true…you will understand, and forgive her. They had it coming. Right?

Enemies and PlaymatesHere is my review of her novel 'Enemies and Playmates'.

‘Enemies and Playmates’ is not a read that lets me escape. I imagine it too vividly. Darcia Helle seems to know where my fright and flight buttons are. But, she also generates a need to keep reading, so, I tremble as she pulls me further along.

Darcia writes in a style that is very approachable. This book, lacking only the stage and camera directions, is a screenplay. A good one at that. It carries all the emotion necessary to put you on edge, just as she intends – even with the barest of detail. Darcia’s realistic dialogue does all the work here. Lauren and Jesse don’t plod through this crime novel, spouting clichéd TV speak; it’s natural discourse. And, she has created a blisteringly real bad guy. I’ve dealt with his ilk in my past.

While I can’t claim to be a fan of the crime genre, Darcia has won me as an admiring reader, first, with her outstanding ‘The Cutting Edge” now this tale. I only pray she doesn’t write a ghost story next - that would quite undo me!